So, you say you're a magickal person...

but do you REALLY put your magick where your mouth is?

In the witchy community, so many of us claim to live by these mottoes of magick:

"Magick is the ability to affect change in conformity with one's will."

"Ad it harm none, do as they wilt."

And yet so many creatives, intuitivies, witches, pagans, empaths and spiritualists are among the most dis-empowered people in today's society... Hardly having the tools, resources or clarity to KNOW what they will, let alone DO what they will. Why?

In my experience, it's mainly because somewhere along the line, it became accepted that witchcraft was something that took place at the altar, in the circle, for an hour on the day of the full or new moon etc... But BS (belief systems) about what is and is not "possible" in the "real world" prevent so many magickal enthusiasts from actually extending their power into the mechanisms of their everyday lives.


Which is really ass-backward (pardon my French?) because it's magickal people like us who are supposed to have the keys to the kingdom! We have access to magick that other people forego because they don't believe in it. We do... So it's really about time we started properly USING it to create a better world for ourselves and for the greater community alike!

Here at Alchemy of Affluence Academy, we're dedicated to giving real modern mystics the tools, knowledge, support and accountability they need to be who they were born to be, empowering our generation to reclaim our power and collectively recreate the world to support human liberation, starting with YOU, the individual, and your unique personal desires for the life you want to be living!

Over the course of these 5 days, you will learn how to reclaim your power in...

The realm of Air

- deprogramming your mind from the BS and reprogramming it to look for and embrace the solutions that will fulfill your highest potential and master the art of intuitive decision making.

The realm of Water

- banishing old, unnecessary guilt, shame and feelings of inferiority so that you can fill your cup with self love, self worth and compassion which will spill over into everyone and everything in your life.

The realm of Earth

- letting go of your bad money karma and/or your negative patterns around the concept of being properly supported so that you can attract the tangible resources you need to build the ideal life upon.

The realm of Fire

- transmuting your biggest perceived weaknesses and traumas into what they are meant to be, your greatest super powers and the fuel for the inner evolution and/or outer revolution you're meant to lead.

The Realm of Spirit

- understanding what your soul's greatest purpose is at any given moment, without a shadow of a doubt...

Yes, you are allowed to know this! You're meant to, and it's easier than you think!


Each day this week, I'll deliver a video to your inbox where we'll go really in depth on the meaning and practical application of these building blocks of reality.

I'm giving you the tools, tips, tricks and techniques that I've learned in my 7+ years of esoteric, psychological and and self-mastery escapades, and showing you a fun, easy witchy life hack for each element to help you bust out of your current limitations and into the life you're truly meant to be living.

If you take the inspired action and join TODAY, you will also receive a one hour bonus masterclass, which also shows you how to work with the five elements in sync with the plant-tend-harvest-release cycle that all creations in the Universe manifest through. You'll learn how to manifest with the elements using Solar and Lunar cycles as your guide as you apply this wisdom to your goals for the year ahead.

Each of the trainings comes with an easy little nugget of spellcraft homework to transform your life in REAL TIME as you integrate the power of each of the elements this week.

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Your Instructor

Afura Nefertiti Fareed
Afura Nefertiti Fareed

Greetings my friend,

I’m Afura Nefertiti Fareed, the founder of Alchemy Of Affluence Academy, and I’m teaching spirited starlets like you how to use your intuitive gifts along with occult wisdom and divination to manifest your most enchanted life through witchcraft and self-mastery, all with a chalice of brut rosé hand!

…Because I believe your fairytale fantasy is not a pipe dream, but a premonition of the life you’re meant to have when you step into your magick!

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