Affluence Alchemy Level 1

Master The Laws Of The Universe Using The Building Blocks Of Manifestation

You've always daydreamed about living out your very own fairytale, and these days, social media is actually starting to make it look more possible than ever...

But between all the Pinterest info-graphics, witchy hub page articles and weekly astrology forecasts, you feel like you're drowning in a sea of spiritual overwhelm!

Everywhere you look, someone is claiming to have the secret to manifesting your wildest dreams, but which one will actually work for YOU?

Each of us needs to learn how to harness the laws of the Universe hands-on, and design our own unique self-development path based on our OWN Highest Truth!


Trust me, I know the struggle...

You want manifest your "best life," but you're not quite sure how to even pinpoint exactly what that is...

You're seeing all these manifestation gurus brag about living in "alignment," but all you get from podcasts, Youtube videos, books and articles is more overwhelmed.

You're starting to dread listening to your horoscope, because it always seems to be one "intense transit" after another, these days, leaving you feeling even more discouraged than before you listened to the forecast.

You're trying all the "manifesting" techniques you hear about online, but you don't see the results you desire.

You have a hard time trusting your intuition, because you can't tell which inner voice is your "higher self," and which one is your "ego.

You want to live a genuinely spiritual lifestyle every day, but don't have a sense of direction... OR your spiritual practice is starting to feel empty and mundane.

Just hearing a few lines of the news triggers a deep sense of despair, even though you want to believe the world is a magical place.

Your spiritual practice and your "mundane" life feel totally disconnected from each other.

Your job, relationships, and daily life feel out of alignment from your inner truth.

You feel disconnected from the true purpose of your life, and feel daunted when you try to figure out your "soul's purpose," or "higher calling."

Well, here's the good news: these are all signs that you are having a spiritual awakening.

In order to get into alignment with your TRUE life path, you have to first fall out of alignment with the false reality you've been conditioned to live.

So you're already on the way to your dream life! The next step is just to get clear on the life you'd RATHER be living! Not sure what that would look like? Here are just a few examples:

  • You realize that what you once believed were your biggest weaknesses are actually your greatest super powers, and you're effortlessly using them to better your life and inspire those around you.

  • You wake up every day excited, because you know that something magical is always about to happen!

  • Your spiritual journey and everyday life complement one another in perfect harmony... because why in the world would they be separate?!

  • You understand how to align your intentions and actions with the energies of the Universe to manifest your real life goals like clock work.

  • Your spiritual/self development practice feels totally genuine, fulfilling, and most importantly EFFECTIVE in moving you toward your real life goals.

  • You never have a hard time weighing your decisions, because you have all the tools you need to always feel confident that your choices are aligned with your soul's desires.

  • You never get seasonal depression, because you know how to harness the energy of every season to amplify your manifesting power year round.

  • You are in a natural flow of giving and receiving, and your career, projects, and relationships are super high-vibe.

  • You have a clear road map for each year of your journey, and everything in your life feels interconnected, and in sync.

  • The news stories, your grumpy coworker and the "scary" astro forecasts don't even phase you anymore, because you know your power comes from within, and you only attract what you choose to allow into your life.

  • You have a fool-proof way of always knowing your "highest purpose" and "core desires, and how to follow them in a way that feels FUN.

  • You are receiving the abundance you deserve from the Universe!


Our desires are not pipe dreams about a life we're never meant to have...

They are PREMONITIONS of what's to come when we step into our true magick...

All you need is an EASY, realistic view of how the Universal laws work, so that you can seamlessly integrate them into your everyday life and manifest everything you could ever desire...

I understand exactly what you're feeling, because I was right there where you are not all that long ago!

Right now, I'm amazed on the daily by how fluid and free my life is, but back in the day, I was a total spiritual scatterbrain!

I was one of those people who “woke up” to their intuition circa 2012, a time when a ton of gurus and woo-woo people were throwing around words like “universe,” “energy,” and “vibration” like nobody’s business! Everywhere I turned, somebody else was trying to tell me what I should and shouldn’t do to achieve “enlightenment,” and I was OVERWHELMED!

I had this deep sense of “knowing” that ideas, lessons and situations were happening in a synchronistic way to help me align with my true purpose, but my head was spinning between all the different fascinating spiritual/self development practices I was hearing about.

And the worst part was that I was new to the #adulting life, and needed to also have the good sense to create a stable life for myself and my three fur babies! I found myself constantly feeling at odds with the world, even though I seemed to be more aligned with my spiritual side than ever!

Deciding between what seemed “practical” and what felt spiritually enlightening was a constant struggle, and ironically, in spite of feeling divinely guided, I had no real sense of direction.

Just when I was starting to feel like I might need to just give up and go back to pretending to be a Muggle, a total miracle happened…


I discovered that the key to manifesting is to harness the five alchemical elements (the building blocks of reality) and use them in sync with the Universal cycles to plant, tend, and harvest our goals... and it's been a TOTAL game changer.

By syncing up my goals and desires with the wisdom of the eight seasons, the phases of the moon, the five elements and the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine polarities, I manifested my dream career, my dream home, ideal lifestyle, and the most high vibe friends, clients and mentors... all by digging deep into self-development with the Universal Laws as my intuitive compass!

The best part is that I’ve learned so much about myself and my place in the Universe that navigating through the manifesting process feels totally natural to me now!

I simply identify my most genuine core desire, map out the steps to my goal in alignment with the seasonal energies that compliment them, align my intention with all of the elements, and I’m on my way forward with ease and excitement!

When I started seeing these unbelievable results in my life, I knew I had to share this magickal life hack with other spiritual seekers who were struggling with the same BS (belief systems) I'd had to overcome.

Now, as an expert in translating occult secrets into tangible life hacks for the millennial mind, I’ve made it my mission to create a simple manifesting system to get you un-stuck and on track to be who you were truly born to be!


In this course, you will receive all the tools you need to identify your highest desires, connect with your inner Magician, and transform your biggest perceived weaknesses into your greatest super powers using traditional witchcraft practices and esoteric principals to manifest your ideal lifestyle in real life!

It's a hands on experience harnessing the Universal Laws, including:

  • The Law Of Attraction

  • Aligning your intention with the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit

  • "Birthing" your desires into reality via the Law Of Gender (divine masculine and divine feminine energy)

  • And how to plant, tend and harvest your goals via the lunar and solar cycles.

Most importantly, you don’t just learn about these concepts in some vague, cryptic sense.

You learn in plain modern language how these concepts are directly related to your everyday experience and how to step into the role of using them as tools for manifesting your ideal lifestyle.

The ultimate goal of the course is for you to identify your BIGGEST desires, understand what’s held you back from fulfillment in the past, and how to use this esoteric wisdom to reclaim the power that’s already inside of you!

If you already have specific goals in mind, you can start applying them from day 1. Or if you’re not entirely sure what your goals and purpose are right now, this course will help you discover them and start living by them whole-heartedly!!

It's finally time for your “spiritual” path and your life goals to join forces to create real, tangible abundance in your everyday experience!

Lets manifest your most magickal year yet!


Here's what this program includes...

A year and a day program for you to put your magick to the test and learn to trust your intuition FULLY.

Get ready to finally combine your spiritual path with your real life intentions! The key to manifesting your dream lifestyle is first IDENTIFYING your core desired feelings, and then syncing up your future vision with the wisdom of Elemental Alchemy and the 8 seasonal checkpoints on the Wheel of the Year.

I will give you all the tools you need to do that in a way that suits your fluctuating energetic needs as the year progresses.

10 Training Modules to Re-Write Your Story and Step Into Your Power.

Your step by step guide to identifying your biggest desires, discovering your soul's purpose at this phase of your life, and transforming your biggest perceived weaknesses in to your greatest superpowers over the course of one year.

Using these tools, you will learn how your personal development is perfectly aided by the natural rhythms of the Universe, and will be empowred to make confident decisions which embody your ideal self so you're always making the most advantageous choices... effortlessly!

Guided Meditations

To know thyself and manifest your highest vision for your life, it is crucial that you program your energy to always be vibrating at your highest possible frequency, and to seek answers from within yourself. I’ve created a library of guided meditations to take the guess work out of your daily ritual, so you can begin and end every day matching your vibe to your Ideal Future Self! Several guided meditations are included for each of the elements (earth, air, fire, water and spirit) and for the seasonal energies. I will also walk you through my signature Time Travel ritual, where you will astral travel to visit with your Inner Child as well as your Ideal Future Self and establish a spirit-guide relationship with each of them to guide you through your journey.

Private Facebook Group To Meet Your Tribe

Time to stop going it alone and meet your spiritual BFFs! This group is your place to bond with other like-minded souls and get individual feedback from me on any questions or insights that may come up for you along your journey.

We'll use this private group to tell our stories, share our ideas, and hold one another accountable for accomplishing our goals! This is also a great place to share and discuss magick and self-development topics, articles, videos, and books that we happen upon along the way.

Workbooks To Channel Your Epiphanies

You will receive interactive PDF workbooks to help you solidify the wisdom of manifesting with the Elements, the Solar and Lunar cycles and of your own Higher Self as we move through this process. Each one is specially designed to walk you through the manifestation process of any dream, goal or vision you have. And you can copy and use them again and again as you reach for greater and greater success in years to come! Type your thoughts right into the files, or print them out to scribble down your breakthroughs the old fashioned way!

Custom Manifesting Ritual For Each Of The 8 Seasons

I’ll help you customize your magickal practice to help you overcome any specific blocks you’re working through. This is where the magick happens for you in real time!

I’m teaching you everything you need to know about the seasonal energies to plant, tend, harvest and release old baggage as you go along! I've crafted spells and rituals that you can do yourself to shift your brain into manifesting mode... and then take the inspired actions to create real results!

Educational Videos to tap into the Universal Laws and the Collective Consciousness

This witchcraft 101 program is not like others you may have heard about. Rather than giving you information overload, or an "armchair" knowledge of esoteric concepts, it teaches you hands on how to use my signature Elemental Alchemy and Goal Harvesting manifestation formula to create real, lasting, groundbreaking change in your life.

I've created a series of fun, easily digestible training videos to establish your knowledge of the Universal Laws and how to use them for manifesting...

And just for fun, I've also created some "armchair" video lectures to spark some inspiration from witchcraft history, mythology and traditions throughout the ages, because, hey, why not?


...And abrakadabra! You have all the tools you need to plant, tend and harvest you real life goals for the rest of your life!

With this formula, you will claim your dream life vision for a year from now, reverse engineer it by season and then easily implement the Elemental Alchemy manifestation method (which is enough to completely change your life on its own) over the course of each moon phase and each season as you move toward your goal.

Yup! You read that right! As soon as you embark on this journey, and start doing the short daily rituals, you'll begin manifesting your dream lifestyle in the present!

The course starts as soon as you sign up, and you get instant lifetime access!

You deserve to stop trying to swim upstream and start paddling with the current of life.


What will your life look like after Affluence Alchemy Level 1, you ask?

You will get out of it what you put into it!

This program has the power to completely change your life, IF you fully implement each of the lessons and put your heart and soul into the practices! I'm giving you lifetime access, because this process gets you bigger and bigger results each time you go through it! I redo this magick every single year as my dreams get bigger and my power grows stronger!

Here’s what’s possible for you when you put your whole ass into it (because you should never half-ass anything ;)

You will have a deep, genuine and confident connection to your Inner Guidance System - No more feeling lost, or like you don’t know who you are.

You’ll be making sharp, aligned decisions, and feeling fully empowered to choose what is TRULY right for you and your soul’s journey! - Say goodbye to analysis paralysis!

You’ll be fully equipped with all the tools, practices and insights you need to rise above old blockages - No more running on old BS (belief systems) that no longer serve you at this evolved phase of your journey.

You’ll have the conviction to do what makes your soul sing, rather than taking too much stock in other people’s unsolicited opinions - your Higher Self will be running the show!

You’ll find your footing along your Highest Path, and will begin to experience miracles, synchronisities and opportunities that put you in direct alignment with what you incarnated on Earth to do! - You’ll be leading by example and making an impact by inspiring others to do their inner work to shine bright like a diamond!


Well, fine! Don’t take my word for it… Here’s what my students are saying:

I have been connected to Afura for several years now and consider her wisdom and guidance an instrumental part of my spiritual and personal growth.

It was a key part of my decision to leave a codependent relationship and step into my own power. My trust in her prompted me to sign up for her program. I have connected with kindred spirits and begun a journey to self-fulfillment. My passions would have stayed shelved and dusty for much longer if I didn’t have the support and prompts from Afura to believe in and go after my goals. She is truly a magical person. I love her “keep it real” attitude and her suggestions that allow me to bring Magick into my every day life.


Afura’s program provides and holds the space to allow that which we withhold from ourselves: clarity.

She carefully crafts each module to break down each piece of your life in order to bring them into a delicate balance that works for you. The activities and homework are both grounding and spiritual, without forgetting about the real world goal oriented actions. I was in a strange place in my life – blindly working my tail off for little return. Afura’s teachings emphasize the energetic balance and exchange of work and value while harnessing your creativity as it ebbs and flows. She is dedicated to creating the dream life for seekers that fulfills your dreams and allows you to enjoy life’s gifts and luxuries. I’m well on my way to living an intentional and abundant life.


I’ve been working with Afura for years now and she has helped me so much!

Last year, my husband and I discovered suddenly that we had to move across the country. I had really delved into this program, so I stayed grounded during this time of great upheaval. I believe I stayed steadfast and firm through the storm of emotions due to the deep inner work Afura had led me through. I was lamenting about not being able to find a new house, and Afura asked me "have you tried manifesting one?" I guess I forgot we magical people have something extra. I cast a powerful magical spell, and we found the sweetest little house! I owe a big thank you to Afura for reminding me to use my magical self to manifest the prefect living space. Afura really helped me when I doubted it would happen; keep the faith in the “Tower Times” and trust your higher self.



Lets team up with the laws of the Universe to manifest your most magickal life this year!

The transformation starts the moment you say "yes" to your dreams... because why would you put off stepping into the life that's truly meant for you for even just another day?

Lets make some magick!

Get started now!

Your Instructor

Afura Nefertiti Fareed
Afura Nefertiti Fareed

Greetings my friend,

I’m Afura Nefertiti Fareed, the founder of Alchemy Of Affluence Academy, and I’m teaching spirited starlets like you how to use your intuitive gifts along with occult wisdom and divination to manifest your most enchanted life through witchcraft and self-mastery, all with a chalice of brut rosé hand!

…Because I believe your fairytale fantasy is not a pipe dream, but a premonition of the life you’re meant to have when you step into your magick!