Desire Compass Divination Challenge

Become a vibrational match to your highest potential in one moon cycle.

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We Have Our Heading...

You're invited to embark on a fantastic voyage
into the sea of possibility!

Following the path of your Highest Calling can be fun (and wayyy easier than you thought) when you have a fool-proof system for getting every answer you need in life...

You’re so done with obsessing over pros and cons lists or getting stuck in analysis paralysis every time you have a big decision to make…

But you are committed to manifesting amazing things, so you don’t wanna make the wrong decisions and end up regretting it later.

Your inherent wisdom comes from within, but sometimes, even the best witches need a set of powerful divination tools to make every decision a no-brainer!


You're ready to put your manifesting powers to the test and challenge yourself to make something BIG happen!

But with a billion books, Youtube videos and Pinterest articles about spirituality and self-development, you’re having a hard time deciding where to even start...

Every day, there’s another astrologer telling you what planets are in retrograde, and whether or not you should sign contracts, start new projects, or text your ex back in the midst of the current cosmic transits… You're hearing stories about what can happen when you play with magick without being grounded in your intentions, and you're not trying to end up like Seamus Finnigan...

Well, what if I told you there’s a shortcut to manifesting?

Imagine waking up every day KNOWING you are on the right path, because you know exactly how to turn inward and receive answers from your own Higher Self.


Imagine what life can be like when...

You never have to worry about making the “wrong decision” because you have a sure fire way of discovering what your Soul is guiding you to do in every single situation.

When you’re presented with an opportunity, you aren’t stuck wondering if the butterflies in your tummy are coming from your Intuition or your Ego.

And best of all, you’re manifesting the most amazing miracles and synchronisities because every decision you make is directly in alignment with your Highest Purpose in this life.

Rather than feeling like you’re being pulled in a million different directions at once, you’re in a graceful, exciting flow of learning to trust in the Universe, and trust in Yourself!

News flash: You CAN Have All That and MORE!

They say life doesn't come with an instruction manual... but actually, it kinda does.

See, here's the thing: when you learn exactly how to tap into your Higher Intuition every time you make a decision, great or small, you have a fool-proof method of always being in alignment with your Highest Path.

Along my journey, I've discovered that my Higher Self is never wrong, and the key is just to understand her. After experimenting with several intuitive tools and divination techniques, I've come up with the perfect combination of methods to make manifesting easy and fun!


A Few years ago, an ingenious idea occurred to me (in the shower, of course)...

One day, when I was really impressed with how successful my endeavors had become since starting to use my divinatory tools on a daily basis, I had the idea to up the ammo on that practice.

For that entire moon cycle (28 days) I set and intention and committed to ONLY making decisions that were guided by my Higher Self by integrating the use of my pendulum, tarot and oracle cards every single time I had to make a decision...

Any time I found myself debating between two options for more than a minute or so, I'd ask, "is this in alignment with my ideal purpose and deepest desires?" and bust out an intuitive tool and get a clear answer on what to do.

And the best part is, it usually only takes a few seconds to get the answer.

This method (which I'm dying to teach you, by the way) is just about the closest thing to Jack Sparrow's desire compass as it gets!

By programming my tools to always point me toward the option that was in alignment with my North Star Vision, I was able to navigate directly to my next level of my Affluent Alchemist lifestyle faster and with more efficiency and self-discovery than anything I'd ever tried before. I was able to manifest things that had once seemed like 5 year visions (or pipe dreams) in days, weeks or months! It's been crazy!

And now that I don't have even a shadow of a doubt that this method works for me, I'm inviting you to discover the magick for yourself!




Because it's time for you to stop wondering about the Affluence Alchemist lifestyle, and start LIVING it.

Here are the deets...

Have you ever entered a program where you see the outline and go "Oh, I already know these concepts" and then have the universe (LOVINGLY!) slap you upside the head and go "You know nothing, [insert name here]"?

That's the experience I received when working with Afura. I ended up confronting my mental road-blocks because of the journaling prompts that Afura provided !

The Object Of The Game

This challenge is a commitment to exclusively follow the path of your Highest Calling for 28 days straight.

At the beginning of the challenge, you'll do ritual to discover your Highest Purpose and Biggest Dream for the next chapter of your life.

Yes, you read that right.

And then you will proclaim to the Universe that you are committed to making all of your decisions in alignment with that North Star Vision for the moon cycle ahead.

The methods I'm going to teach you can be tailored to any decision, great or small. For quick decisions, you'll use a pendulum to ask your Higher Self "yes or no" questions, and can have a clear course of action in seconds.

For decisions that are connected to more deeply-rooted energy shifts, you'll have the option of going into varying levels of in-depth communication with your inner guidence system through Oracle draws, Tarot readings and Automatic Writing rituals.

I'll give you the simple tools and techniques that have worked for me at the beginning of the challenge, and then, every time you come up to a fork in the road along your journey (aka a moment of question where you're at all unsure of the best course of action) you'll use one or more of these diviniatory methods to move through your decision in alignment with Love over Fear, and in direct alignment with your Highest Vision.

To keep the inspiration flowing, the momentum going and the confidence growing, I'll be your personal witchy BFF, always just a text away for spiritual and motivational support (and just to be a listening ear who GETS it) for the entire 28 days!

Here's everything you're getting:


Guided Writing Ritual to Identify and Claim Your Highest Desires

No more aiming low out of fear. An Affluence Alchemist knows that the most direct way to success and fulfillment is to make every decision from a place of love and excitiment!

I'm giving you the formula to discover your soul's true purpose for the next chapter of your life and helping you become an energetic match for your greatest desires!

Guided Meditations & Daily Rituals

All of the answers you seek come from within.

You deserve to have it all, and it's time you started crafting your daily habits to reflect your ideal Affluent Alchemist lifestyle! I've designed the perfect set of practices to tap into your deepest wisdom and re-program your mind into manifesting mode every day!


Pendulum and Oracle Ritual Guide

Whether you're new to divination or are looking for a fresh perspective on how to use it for tangible results, I've got you covered.

I'll teach you exactly how I work with pendulum dousing and simple oracle readings to get clear answers on how to move forward through any situation on the go!

One On One Texting Support

30 days of unlimited Facebook Messenger access to me to navigate through anything and everything that comes up for you during the 28 days.

Get started now!

My work with Afura opened up new doors and opportunities for myself.

She helped me see the trees through the forest and shine light on all the options out there. While working with Afura she kept me accountable while I redesigned my life and business. My weekly page counts doubled. With her background and guidance I my confidence has boosted immensely and I am launching my first online course next month! Afura helped me realign with my mission and connect with my ideal clients. Now I'm working with more students who align with my mission and I feel like we're making a difference in the yoga, dance and wellness community. -Jennifer

All of the above is included in the Smooth Sailor Support package, which is a great budget friendly option that will get you massive results if you're just looking to dip your toe in the water...

But if you're super serious about navigating to your next level in a huge way, lets bump it up to full throttle with the First Mate's Map!

This next level of support includes ALL OF THE ABOVE along with...


A 5-Card Tarot Reading

One of the very best ways I've discovered to connect with your Higher Self and get direct answers and insights about where you're at and what you need to do to get where you want to go is the Elemental Alchemy tarot reading. In this spread, I'll channel your Higher Self and pull 5 cards, one for each of the five elements of your life and get you a vital piece of advice on how to move forward and get the very most out of your journey at this time.

We'll chat via FB messenger (which has a voice note option too!) to formulate the optimum question for your reading and then I'll read for you and send it to you via video.

One Group Coaching Session

Each month, I meet with my high level clients and full time students to share in-the-moment self development wisdom, to answer their questions and chat together about exactly what's real for them as they're navigating the Affluence Alchemist lifestyle.

These breakthrough sessions are one of the most powerful tools I offer, and with the First Mate's Map package, you'll have the opportunity to attend one of these calls with myself and the Alchemy Of Affluence inner circle.


A Handmade Crystal Pendulum

The primary divination tool we'll be using on a daily basis during this challenge is a pendulum! If you don't already have one that you love, now is the perfect time to have one custom made just for you!

I'll send you one made by yours truly with your favorite color aura quartz crystal!

Get started now!

Before working with Afura I was all over the place. Pursuing a million things that led my me nowhere.

I was overworked, over stressed, frustrated and honestly about ready quit. The program gave me what I needed most: clarity. I learned through Afura's teachings, prompts and meditations that an hour of conscious, inspired and mindful work is more productive than the 10 hours of scattered work. I was thinking small. Now I have such a clear and concise view of where I am, where I'm headed, who I am, who I want to help - and how I want to do it. Along the way Afura gives countless lessons in abundance which aid the entire process from a mindset perspective. Through her program you learn to destroy what you thought you knew about money and luxury and start from scratch in a headspace that allows abundance to simply flow to you. When I started this program I was miserable and today I write this sipping champagne as I look over my plan for 2019. Thinking about the program? Do it.


This program has the power to completely change your life, IF you fully implement each of the lessons and put your heart and soul into the practices! Here’s what’s possible for you when you go all in:

You will have a deep, genuine and confident connection to your Inner Guidance System >>> No more feeling lost, or like you don’t know who you are.

You’ll be making sharp, aligned decisions, and feeling fully empowered to choose what is TRULY right for you and your soul’s journey! >>> Say goodbye to analysis paralysis!

You’ll be fully equipped with all the tools, practices and insights you need to rise above old blockages >>> No more running on old BS (belief systems) that no longer serve you as who you are at this evolved phase of your journey.

You’ll have the conviction to do what makes your soul sing, rather than taking too much stock in other people’s unsolicited opinions >>> your Higher Self will be running the show!

You’ll find your footing along your Highest Path, and will begin to experience miracles, synchronisities and opportunites that put you in direct alignment with what you incarnated on Earth to do! >>> You’ll be leading by example and making an impact by inspiring others to do their inner work to shine bright like a diamond!

So excited to have you aboard, mate!

The journey starts the moment you say YES to your dream life vision!

(Last chance to enroll is the Full Moon on Monday, June 17)

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Your Instructor

Afura Nefertiti Fareed
Afura Nefertiti Fareed

Greetings my friend,

I’m Afura Nefertiti Fareed, the founder of Alchemy Of Affluence Academy, and I’m teaching spirited starlets like you how to use your intuitive gifts along with occult wisdom and divination to manifest your most enchanted life through witchcraft and self-mastery, all with a chalice of brut rosé hand!

…Because I believe your fairytale fantasy is not a pipe dream, but a premonition of the life you’re meant to have when you step into your magick!

Afura's blend of rich material and flexible coaching style create the perfect environment for my creativity to flourish and grow at its own speed.

I've experienced crazy growth under her teaching, and can honestly say working with her was one of the best decisions I made in every aspect of life! Through the modules and the reflection required in each of the Tarot readings I tuned in to the relationship/mirrors between what is within me and what is without. The connection between the two has become a way for me to check in with myself, check in with my business, and create systems that I was completely lost in even starting to make. Afura helped me create the foundation for balance within myself and around me. My personal life blossomed as I grounded myself and my business. And when I had my inevitable freakouts, she brought me back to Earth and showed me that uncertainty doesn't always have to be panic-inducing or uncomfortable. It can be part of the joy in the flow of life. And I love it!

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